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Brian is a TV host & author

Brian hosted The B.S. of A., a comedy program on TheBlaze TV network. His most recent book? The United States. vs. Santa Claus (Simon & Schuster/Mercury Ink) is the amazing, probably true, story of the government’s actual war on Christmas. His first book In The Event of My Untimely Demise (HarperCollins) is a collection of sage advice for his children, and his second The B.S. of A.: A Primer in Politics for the Incredibly Disenchanted (Simon & Schuster) is a collection of sage advice for his countrymen. He has written for The Independent newspaper (UK) and for silly magazines like Glamour and short-lived magazines like Radar. The good folks at McSweeney’s liked his writing so much they put it in a Best Of book and didn’t even tell him.

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Brian’s newest book

THE UNITED STATES VS. SANTA CLAUS (Simon & Schuster/Mercury Ink)

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Brian is a voiceover

With no regard to his personal safety, Brian proudly stands in front of microphones and says things for TV & radio commercials, audio books and video games. When not doing that, he yells “Freedom!” out of a fifth story window.

Brian is a non-Oscar-winning actor

Much like a Minuteman without a musket, Brian will – at a moment’s notice – stand or sit in front of cameras and say things. Sometimes the things he says are funny. Other times they are not. Sometimes that is on purpose. Sometimes it is not.

Brian, Brian, Brian

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